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Would You Like To Buy Trunk Mats For Full Surround?

Pulished on Jan. 08, 2020

Judging from the many years of experience of our luggage supplier, the All Surrounded Trunk Mat is easy to use. The full surround is designed on the high side. Can prevent the contents of the trunk from sliding. Full bracketing is based on the addition of ordinary trunk mats with high sides, three-dimensional design, difficult to move, and good shockproof effect.

The role of the trunk mat:

1. Anti-slip

Every time you travel, if you have a backup pad, your belongings can be safely placed in the trunk of your car, because the trunk pad has a carefully designed non-slip surface, so that they will not be affected by bumps. Scattering will give your items the most thorough protection.


The material of the trunk cushion includes materials for waterproof PE, UV resistance, strong toughness, and oil resistance, which can prevent mud, sand, snow, water, and oil from contaminating the luggage in the trunk.

3. Prevent pollution

It can carry goods, flowers, rain gear, wet items, and its three-dimensional high-side design can effectively prevent dirt from overflowing and protect the car from pollution.

4. Protection

It has a high-density foaming material, which has good shock absorption elasticity and sound insulation effect. It can completely protect all corners of your trunk to resist various attacks.

All Surrounded Trunk Mat

All Surrounded Trunk Mat

So what material is the trunk mat? Backseat Floor Mat Manufacturer will tell you next.

1. The XPE trunk mat is also called a super-fiber fully enclosed trunk mat. This material is made of natural protein fibers tightly woven in a three-dimensional space. The surface has a special grain layer with natural grain patterns and gloss. The trunk pad of this material is comfortable and soft, high-end atmosphere, non-slip and wear-resistant. It is a relatively cost-effective trunk pad, which is generally the best choice for high-end models.

2. Silicone trunk mat is also called EVA Trunk Bottom Mat. This material is resistant to seawater, grease, acid, alkali and other chemicals. It is antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free. The trunk mat of this material is easy to remove and wash.

3. The silk trunk trunk is a type of fixed trunk trunk made by cutting and stitching with modern cutting technology. This trunk trunk is composed of two layers of materials, the bottom is non-slip particles, the top is silk, and the two layers are hot. Compressed by pressure, high comfort, easy to hide ash and mold in summer. 

4, plastic trunk mat is the oldest trunk mat, generally flat bottom, now basically eliminated in the market, because of the plasticity of plastic, was popular for a while, later with the development of technology, rubber There are more and more prominent problems in trunk mats, the most serious of which is the release of carcinogens, especially when the temperature in the car is above forty degrees in summer, which seriously affects the driver's health, and plastic trunk mats are easy in winter. Hardened, stuck throttle, hidden safety hazards.

The above is the relevant information about the trunk cushion, which I hope to help you.