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Common Misunderstandings Of Using Car Floor Mats

Pulished on Jan. 03, 2020

The mats can be said to be a necessity on the car. One is to protect the carpet surface of the original car from being soiled and easy to take care of. The other is to step on it more comfortably and beautifully. This is such a common thing. There are also many misunderstandings in the use process, but the results are counterproductive and will affect driving safety. The following Trunk Bottom Mat Supplier will come to tell you common misunderstandings.

1. No taste is environmentally friendly

Many car owners feel no taste when they buy foot pads, it should be environmentally friendly and non-toxic. However, many adhesives used for foot pads

It is easier to emit toxic gases such as toluene, formaldehyde, etc. in a high-temperature airtight environment in the car. Because it is colorless and odorless, it is not easy to notice immediately. Therefore, when choosing a foot pad, you should pay attention to whether there is a test certificate issued by a professional organization. You can choose a foot pad produced by a well-regulated, professional, and strong formal enterprise.

2. Blind focus on cleaning and neglecting safety

Although the main purpose of using foot pads is to absorb water and dust, sound insulation, and protect the host blanket, but only pay attention to good cleaning and can isolate the dirt, but it will cause small loss, and the foot pads are closely connected with safe driving. It cannot be tightly fixed, and the impact of jamming the foot pedal throttle while traveling is inestimable. Therefore, when choosing a foot pad, you must also consider whether it is suitable for non-slip and non-displacement. The special foot pad is no doubt the best choice.

3. Do not remove the protective film of the host blanket

The host blanket PE protective film protects the host blanket from contamination and damage without protection. Therefore, if the car mat is installed, the protective film must be removed, thereby ensuring that the foot mat and the host blanket are in contact and friction, thereby playing a role of anti-slip.

4. Repeatedly placing multiple foot pads

Many owners like to place multiple foot pads on the car, thinking that this can better protect the original foot pads. In fact, this does not make much sense, and it will also affect the safety of braking, speeding and other operations.

5. A set of foot pads takes longer to use

No matter what items will affect the quality and experience because of using for too long, the foot pads are the same. Even if the appearance is still intact, they may not have the design-time functions. Conditional owners can purchase two sets of foot pads to take turns to extend the service life.

6. Do not clean the car mat

While Car Floor Mat finishes its water and dust absorption effect, its own pollution should be washed away as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause bacterial reproduction and affect the air quality and the health of the owner, especially the dirt and dust inside the wire pads. It only accumulates more and is not easy to clean. The car wash shop simply rinses with water. It cannot completely remove the hidden dirt in the car mats. The car mats should be cleaned by a dry cleaner or manually washed.

3D Full Surrounded Car Floor Mat

3D Full Surrounded Car Floor Mat

In view of all these factors, in fact, the experience of 3D Full Surrounded Car Floor Mat is the best. The material has good hydrophobicity and good elasticity. It is not easy to deform and has no fear of high and low temperatures. Therefore, its service life is longer than other foot pads, especially 3D is completely enclosed, it is not easy to break without splicing, and it is good to clean the water and rinse it directly.

The above is the misunderstanding about the use of car mats, I hope to help everyone.