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Advantages Of A Full Surrounded Car Floor Mat

Pulished on Jan. 16, 2020

The most popular fully-enclosed footpads on the market are mainly divided into two types: fully-enclosed silk-circle footpads and fully-enclosed leather footpads. The fully enclosed footpad is a high-side three-dimensional footpad designed with different specifications and sizes according to different models, which can protect the car suede and 360°non-dead angle non-slip. The following 3D Car Floor Mat Manufacturer will introduce the advantages of fully enclosed foot mats.

Advantages of full surround car mats:

1. Dedicated car, strong coverage, safe, no shift

Professional measurement of three-dimensional full-surround design, three-dimensional cutting technology, tailor-made for each model, combined with a dedicated original car non-slip buckle, so that the foot pads never move, ensuring driving safety. The full-foot mat models are as high as the mat height. Each bump position is fully fitted to the vehicle body. It is dedicated to the car and never moves.

2. Comfortable feet, more sound insulation

Adopt high-grade special leather fabric, which contains multiple layers of high-quality environmental protection, shock-absorbing and sound-proof materials, and a non-slip wear-resistant layer at the driver's foot position, which makes the foot pad not only have a soft feel, but also has the effect of sound insulation and shock resistance.

3. Easy to clean 

The leather foot pads are made of special wear-resistant materials. The high-side three-dimensional design can more effectively protect the cleanness and sanitation of the original car suede and facilitate daily care.

4. Beautiful and stylish, simple and generous

In addition to maximizing the natural functions of Car Floor Mat's anti-slip and dust-proof features, the product highlights the safety, environmental protection and interior functions of the foot pads, and enhances the car's taste.

5. Three-dimensional compression molding, tightly conformed

The foot pads are stamped in the same way as the model's bottom plate, and the basin-shaped high-side protection design makes it more conformable to the bottom plate of the vehicle. The foot pads are made of environmentally friendly materials, which conform to the floor of the car according to the original car model. The surface has a special non-slip texture. The bottom layer has a special non-slip structure, which will not deform and move during use. The three-dimensional high side jams the outline of the chassis of the car, solving the problem that the ordinary flat foot pad is easy to move.

6. Unique structure, worry-free driving

100% waterproof, prevent sand, mud, snow and fruit shell from polluting the environment inside the car.

7. Special material, easy to clean

The 3D three-dimensional high-side, waterproof material keeps the interior of the car clean, so that dust and mud are left in the foot pads and will not stain the original car carpet.

So how should I choose a car floor mat?

1. Look at the material

Car mats of inferior materials will have an odor when heated, and will release and release toxic gases, which will cause pollution to the closed car environment. It is recommended not to use them. There are also car foot pads that use inferior materials. The setting performance is very poor. After a period of time, they will be out of shape. It is not recommended to buy. Pay attention to the material of the foot pads. Leather Floor Mat has better durability, less odor, and more environmentally friendly.

Leather Floor Mat

Leather Floor Mat

2. Look at the price

Full-enclosed leather foot pads are still new products, so the price varies greatly. The same product needs about 1,000 yuan to buy at 4S stores, and ordinary brick-and-mortar stores cost about 500-800 yuan. Consumers pay attention to choosing the most cost-effective purchase.

Finally, I will share the cleaning method of all-enclosed leather foot pads. Daily cleaning only needs to be wiped with a wet rag, or you can rinse it with water and dry it. You can also use leather foot pads to clean it, but it is not recommended to rinse it with water. The aging of the foot pads, if not used for a long time, can also be used to coat the surrounding leather foot pads with a special leather care wax.

The above are the advantages of full surround car mats, I hope to help everyone.