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It Turns out That There Are So Many Sophisticated Car Mats!

Pulished on May. 28, 2020

Car Floor Mat looks like an inconspicuous thing, but it actually plays a vital role in real life. Because it is closest to the car's throttle, brake, clutch, etc., if the choice of foot pads is not reasonable, it will likely affect the effectiveness of the brakes, and thus driving safety.

Car mats are roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Large surround foot pad

The large surrounding foot pad is placed in the car and can completely block the space under the foot, so that the car made of dirt or water is not everywhere, that is, the three-dimensional foot pad, and it has a concave shape.

2. Silk loop foot pad

Wire loop car mats have strong dirt absorption capacity, are easy to clean, and are suitable for use throughout the year. The wire structure of the wire loop foot pad can effectively control dust and stolen goods inside the floor mat, so the wire loop foot pad has a strong ability to absorb dirt. Moreover, the wire loop foot pad is not prone to slipping, and laying the wire loop foot pad in the car gives a high-grade feel. However, the coverage area of the wire loop foot pad is small, and in this respect, the wire loop foot pad is not as good as surrounding the foot pad.

3.Rubber / plastic feet

Rubber foot pads were once very popular with car owners due to their dirt resistance and easy cleaning. However, in the process of use, it was found that rubber foot pads are relatively slippery, less safe and stable, and foot pads made of inferior products will produce harmful odors, so they are slowly eliminated by the market.

4. Plush foot pad

Compared to several other types of foot pads, plush foot pads are more prone to getting dirty and not so easy to clean. The benefit is that it looks relatively upscale.

Car Floor Mat

Car Floor Mat

There is no clear law on the material and use of foot pads. However, accidents that affect the work of automobile brake pedals often occur due to the displacement and improper installation of foot pads. So how to calculate the correct installation and use of foot pads? The 3D Vehicles Floor Mat Manufacturer will tell you what you should pay attention to when installing and using foot pads.

1.Laying multilayer foot pads can be fatal

In order to facilitate cleaning, some owners will lay a layer of rubber, PVC and other easy-to-clean foot pads on the fabric foot pads.

2.Deformed foot pads should be replaced in time

Deformation of foot mats that have been used for a certain period of time generally results in deformation of the four corners. The raised position of the foot pads can easily catch the throttle or brake. Some unscrupulous owners have not even replaced the pads for several years. This is very dangerous! After using it for a period of time, the owner should check whether the pads have been deformed, and the owners of the deformed pads should immediately replace them.

3, must be upside down, upside down

Some types of foot pads are very similar in front and back, and the car is mainly distinguished clearly. The upside-down of the foot pad not only can not prevent dust and slip, but also cannot be fixed firmly, and even interfere with the pedal. Laying upside down is also prohibited.

Finally, the owner is reminded that in addition to the shape and size of the pads, the following points should be noted when purchasing the pads:

1.Dirty resistant / easy to clean

Although most car owners do not need to do their own car washing now, I would like to say that car mats that are not resistant to dirt do not only affect people ’s visual effects, they are also a place to hide dirt and dirt. If they are not cleaned in time, It will also greatly affect people's physical health. Therefore, for your own health, choose a foot pad that is easy to clean.

2.No odor

Among the various foot pads, there are many low-quality foot pads. In order to reduce costs, chemicals such as chlorinated paraffin are used, and the material itself is also very poor, so it will have a great foul smell, especially now that the temperature is high in summer , The taste is even more pungent, which is very harmful to the body, and also easily cause motion sickness. Therefore, in any case, you can’t buy a car mat because it’s cheap. You also need to go to a regular mall to buy it.

As auto interior configuration becomes higher and higher, the auto supplies and services market is becoming more segmented, and car owners are focusing on the auto supplies service market. People should pay more attention to safety, practicability and comfort when choosing car mats, starting with the most details to ensure driving safety.