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Do You Really Use Car Mats?

Pulished on May. 28, 2020

The Automobile Floor Mat is an invisible killer for driving, especially inferior floor mats are easy to "walk". In addition, automobile mats made of foam, plastic and other materials may become the source or combustion aid of auto spontaneous combustion, so choosing mats with flame retardant materials is more safe. So, when people buy foot pads, how should they choose to avoid similar accidents? Let's take a look with the Car Seat Cover Supplier.

See Size

The shape and size of the foot pads should be appropriate to the size of the car. Too large or too small will cause the foot pads to shift during braking. Once the car's pedals are caught or caught by the foot pads, it may cause a traffic accident.

Hot Press Car Floor Mat

Hot Press Car Floor Mat

See Material

The material of the foot pad is the most important, and the foot pad that is not easy to wear and easy to clean is the most ideal.

Look At Positioning

Some vehicles have floor locating buckles on the floor, so you must pay attention to whether there are positioning holes when buying new foot pads.

In order to facilitate cleaning, some car owners will lay a layer of rubber, PVC and other easy-to-clean materials on the fabric mats. Laying a double-layer car mat carpet has a very high probability of causing the mat to shift. Because the laying of the double-layer foot pad makes the upper foot pad unable to be fixed, which in turn causes its displacement, which affects the operation.

Replacement Of Deformed Pads In Time

Foot pads that have been used for a long period of time tend to deform, for example, the corners are lifted, etc., and the position of the foot pads is easy to catch the throttle or brake, which leads to a dangerous situation. Therefore, after using the pad for a period of time, the owner should check whether the pad has been deformed or lifted. If a similar situation occurs, the owner should replace it.

Foot Pads Can't Be Reversed

At present, the front and back of some of the mats are very similar, so the owner should carefully identify it when installing it. The reverse of the front and back of the foot pad can not only play a role of dust and slip prevention, but also cannot be firmly fixed, and even interfere with the brake and the accelerator pedal.

Car mats are small accessories for cars, which may pose a safety hazard if used incorrectly. Security issues cannot be underestimated!