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How To Install Car Seat Cover?

Pulished on May. 19, 2020

The Car Seat Cover has been gradually accepted and used by the majority of car owners,-it can protect the seat very well, and it is also convenient for cleaning and care. But for the car owner who wants to install the seat cushion by himself, how to install the car seat cushion, the Car Seat Cover Supplier will introduce the detailed method and steps for installing the car seat cushion for the car owner.

Before installation, we must first check the quality of the purchased car seat cushions and the length and strength of the stretch stitches, etc., to lay a good foundation for the subsequent installation. Usually-a set of car seats includes: two front seats, two single backrests and one long cushion for a total of five pieces.

Car Seat Cover

Car Seat Cover

The installation method of the front seat cushion of the car: the front seat cushion of the car has a cap and a hood, just put the car seat cushion down, and then there is one or two buckles at the joint of the car seat cushion. The car seat cushion buckle can be inserted into the gap of the seat by hand, so that the car seat cushion will not move forward. At this time, you will hook two small shackles in front of the captured car seat cushion into the iron bar under the seat. Some do n’t have a tongue hook but a buckle with an elastic band. At this time, you need to pass the buckle through one of the buckles in the middle gap of the seat and under the seat and the other-head buckle lock. live. The front seat is now installed, as is the other front seat.

Rear car seat cushion installation: First of all, please observe the installation method of the rear bench on the car. In fact, there are only two kinds, one is the buckle type and the non-buckle type long seat, without the keyed seat You can pull out the long seat directly with the chair. For the long seat with lock, press the lock and then pull out the long seat. In addition, some seats are fixed with screws on the car body. At this time, you have to disassemble the tussock to separate the long seat and the backrest. After the car seat cushion long seat and the rear seat are separated, you can simply pass the long cushion from below through the bayonet on the car seat cushion and fix the long car cushion. At this time, you can also put the backrest on the head of the backrest seat.

Finally, after installing the bench, pay attention to the seat belt should be reset. You then insert the long cushion of the car seat cushion and the fixing card of the backrest into the small gap, then you just need to flatten the car seat cushion.

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