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Do You Really Use The Car Trunk?

Pulished on Jun. 30, 2020

Today we follow the Car Seat Cover Suppliers to see what should be placed in the trunk of the car and what should not be placed.

It is not suitable to place flammable and explosive products, such as lighters, outdoor gas stoves, hairspray and other items. If it encounters high temperature and the road is bumpy, it is likely to explode.

Food cannot be stored in the trunk for a long time, because the vehicle is parked for a long time, and the temperature in the car rises, which is likely to cause water and food to deteriorate and also produce odors. Especially when the temperature is high in summer.

Valuables, although every car manufacturer has designed security measures for users at the beginning of the design, they are still in the same place, and thefts are still happening, and they are often forbidden. Especially for car owners who put things in the trunk after getting off the car, criminals are staring at this good time. All kinds of debris, because these things make the trunk load too high, affect the suspension, and will increase the vehicle load and fuel consumption.

Trunk Bottom Mat

Trunk Bottom Mat

It is suitable for placing. The storage box can store fragmented items, and it is easy to pick up. It can also make the car trunk look clean and tidy, and it can make more reasonable use of the trunk space. In addition to the finishing box, we can also use the Waterproof Collapsible Car Storage Box and Black Trunk Organizer Storage Box provided by the manufacturer.

Tire pressure gauge, automatic air pump Checking the tire pressure is what you need to do when driving. When the tire pressure is found to be insufficient, the automatic air pump can come in handy. It is simply a weapon to send charcoal in the snow.

The tow rope is the most direct rescue tool on the spot. No matter what kind of environment the car is used in and what type of vehicle it is, you should have a set in the trunk. But when we buy, we must pay attention to the maximum bearing weight of the rope. The most common maximum bearing capacity is 5 tons, which is enough for general family car rescue.

Small toolbox There are many places where you need them when you go out, so be prepared. Essentials such as medicines, essential oils, band-aids, etc. can not only deal with small wounds, especially in the spring when you are sleepy, but also refresh your mind during long journeys.