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Proper Use of Car Mats

Pulished on Jun. 23, 2020

Car Floor Mat is an environmentally friendly automotive interior component that integrates the five main functions of water absorption, dust absorption, decontamination, sound insulation, and protection of the host blanket. The car mat is an interior decoration, which protects the cleanliness inside and outside the car, and plays the role of beautiful and comfortable embellishment. Water absorption, vacuum cleaning and decontamination of automobile foot pads can effectively prevent the residual moisture and dirt on the soles from sliding against the clutch, brake and throttle, avoiding safety hazards, and reducing the possibility of contamination and damage to the interior. After all, washing the foot pads More convenient and economical than cleaning the interior. Car feet play a vital role in real life. Because it is closest to the car's throttle, brake, clutch, etc., if the choice of foot pads is not reasonable, it will likely affect the effectiveness of the brakes, and thus affect people's lives.

Car Floor Mat

Car Floor Mat

Large enclosing foot pads: The large enclosing foot pads are placed in the car and can completely block the space under the feet, so that no dirt or water can be everywhere in the car, that is, three-dimensional foot pads, and there are concave. There is no clear law on the material and use of foot pads. However, accidents that affect the work of automobile brake pedals often occur due to the displacement and improper installation of foot pads. So how do you properly install and use the feet? 3D Vehicles Floor Mat Manufacturer reminds us that when we install and use the foot pad, we should pay attention to the following aspects.

In order to facilitate cleaning, some owners will lay a layer of rubber, PVC and other easy-to-clean foot pads on the fabric foot pads. According to online surveys, there is a high probability of foot pad displacement caused by laying double-layered foot pads. The laying of double-layered foot pads makes the upper foot pads unable to be fixed, which is prone to displacement events. Because the pads are all new, car owners are more likely to be negligent, and the chance of accidents is greatly increased.

Deformation of foot mats that have been used for a certain period of time generally results in deformation of the four corners. The raised position of the foot pads can easily catch the throttle or brake. Some unscrupulous owners have not even replaced the foot pads for years, which is very dangerous! After a period of use, the owner should check whether the foot pad has been deformed, and the owner of the deformed foot pad should immediately replace it.

Some types of foot pads are very similar in front and back, and the car is mainly distinguished clearly. The upside-down of the foot pad not only can not prevent dust and slip, but also cannot be fixed firmly, and even interfere with the pedal. Laying upside down is also prohibited.

Car mats are a place that most riders will ignore. Some car mats contain flammable materials such as wool and foam, and sometimes fires may occur due to accidentally falling cigarette ends. Therefore, it is necessary to buy foot pads with excellent fire resistance, which not only insures life, but also an effective measure to prevent future cars from "self-igniting."

In summary, when choosing a car foot pad, you should pay attention to:

1.Select the mat that matches the model

2. Make sure that the foot pads do not hinder the use of the pedals

3. Make sure the feet are firmly fixed

4.Methods to avoid pedals getting stuck

5.No flame retardant material

The above is the correct use of car mats introduced by Trunk Mat supplier.