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How To Choose The Right Car Mat?

Pulished on Jul. 13, 2020

Ottomans are one of the most common car products around us. The price ranges from a few hundred to thousands of yuan depending on the material. Due to lack of understanding, some car owners think that things like foot pads don't have to be too bothersome to buy, and they often use 4S store gifts or just spend a little money to pass them. As everyone knows, inferior foot pads will not only affect the air quality in the car, but also affect driving safety in severe cases. Today's car owner class, let's learn how to choose a suitable foot pad for your car.

Car Floor Mats are both beautiful and practical, and they are one of the first in-car products for many new car owners after buying a car. Many people think that car mats can beautify the interior of the car and prevent the car floor from getting dirty. In fact, car mats are a kind of car products with strong practicability. Car mats can effectively cushion the vibration of the vehicle, improve the comfort of the driver and passengers and relieve discomfort. Secondly, the car mats can lock dust and sand, reduce the floating of dust, and also facilitate the hygiene of the car. Clean, in rainy and snowy weather, car mats also have water absorption and anti-slip functions. The common foot pads on the market are divided into different types according to different materials, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and consumers can buy them according to their preferences.

Hot Press Car Floor Mat Share

Hot Press Car Floor Mat Share

Plastic foot pads are the most common on the market. It is produced by injection moulding. The price is the cheapest and the color is bright, but it hardly absorbs and locks the dust, and it has no water absorption function. It will be wet and left on the mat on rainy days, resulting in poor comfort. But the only advantage is that it can be used immediately after cleaning each time without drying.

3D three-dimensional foot pads are the more popular types of foot pads nowadays. Manufacturers will design and produce according to the size, depth and shape of the floor of different models. Car owners can find the corresponding model of foot pads only according to their own models. The price also varies greatly depending on the quality and craftsmanship of the board. The surface of the large enveloping foot pad is generally made of artificial leather or nylon. The advantage is that it can cover the maximum extent and the floor is firm and not suitable for moving to affect driving. Dirt is not easy to fall on the floor. The disadvantage is that the ability to absorb water and dust is weak.

Silk ring foot pads are generally made of fiber materials such as wool, cotton or chemical fiber. They have relatively good warmth and sound insulation, soft and comfortable feet, but have average removal and adsorption and locking capabilities for dirt, dust and sand, and price differences relatively bigger.

Plant fiber foot pads are mainly made of chemical fiber. The advantages are comfortable foot feel, sound insulation, water absorption, and absorption of sand and dust. It is easy to cut to a suitable size, and it is convenient to clean. It can be used immediately after washing. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high, which is a high-end product.

The car owner should also pay attention to that the newly bought car mats are not recommended to be used immediately. It is best to spread out the car mats one by one and place them in a ventilated place for a day or two. Let them ventilate, so that the effect will be better if they are used again. . After buying a new car, do not rush to lay the car floor mats. It is best to fully ventilate the car floor when the car floor mats are not laid. This can effectively reduce the peculiar smell of the car floor itself. After a rainy day or washing the car floor, When there is water, it is recommended that you take off the car mats on a sunny day so that the water that accidentally flows on the car floor can fully evaporate, so as to prevent the residual water from corroding the car chassis.

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