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How To Clean Car Mats?

Pulished on Jul. 16, 2020

Car Floor Mats can absorb water and dust, so the car floor mat itself is equivalent to a pollution source concentration station and needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. Otherwise, the bacteria will multiply over time, which will affect the air quality in the car as well as the health of the car owner.

So when do the car mats need to be cleaned? We can look at the color. Compared with when you first bought the car mats, the color of the car mats becomes darker, indicating that there is more dust and you need to clean it.

Car floor mats cannot be cleaned by simply washing them with water. The correct method should be to hand the car floor mats to a dry cleaner for washing, or you can manually wash them yourself. At the same time, depending on the material, the cleaning method of the car mat is also different.

Double Layer Car Floor Mat Share

Double Layer Car Floor Mat Share

1. The plush and linen mats can be vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner. If the plush mats are not clean, just wash them with water and detergent, and then dry them.

2. The foot pads made of leather should be scrubbed with a damp cloth or dipped in detergent. It is not recommended to rinse with water, soak in water, or expose to the sun.

3. Plastic foot pads and rubber foot pads can be scrubbed with a brush, water and detergent, and dried.

4. Wire ring foot pads, rinse directly with water gun.

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