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After The New Car Arrives, Which Car Supplies Are Worth Buying?

Pulished on Apr. 20, 2020

After buying a new car, many friends do not know what items should be bought in the car, and some friends have found that the actual frequency of use is very low after spending a lot of money on purchases. Today, the editor will come with you to check which car supplies are worth buying.

Regardless of whether you are a novice driver or a veteran driver, it is best to install bumpers on the doors. Because you ca n’t guarantee that your passengers have the consciousness to open the door carefully. It ’s okay to hit the wall. Only you are distressed; if you hit other vehicles, you still need to negotiate compensation with the owner. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to buy the door anti-collision strip, if it is ugly, there is a transparent version to choose from.

I believe that more than 90% of car owners are using mobile phone navigation, so a car phone holder is very necessary to facilitate viewing while driving. Various mobile phone brackets on the market are emerging one after another. It is recommended to buy a gravity clamp version. The pure physical machinery is convenient and practical. As for the electric version, it is not recommended to purchase. It needs to be connected and plugged in all the time to affect the appearance. It is easy to identify inaccuracies and affect the experience.

I believe that most car owners care about the cleanliness of their cars, and do n’t like the messy arrangement of items in the car. Buying a Trunk Organizer Storage Box and Universal Back Seat Organizer and Car Storage Box is a good solution, and it is best to buy a partition layout, different sizes and types of items can be better classified .

A lot of cars have already started to have their own driving recorders, but vehicles that are not equipped still account for the vast majority. The driving recorder is an artifact when dealing with the division of responsibility for accidents, and it can better retain evidence when encountering personnel who touch the porcelain. The price of current driving recorders varies, and everyone can give priority to buying small, clear shots at night.

Car Finisher

Car Finisher

Car air pump is also one of the essential car items after buying a car. Many friends have encountered the situation of tire jogging gas. If you can't go to the tire repair shop at one and a half times, you can temporarily use the air pump to temporarily cope with it. It is also very simple to use, and it is easy for novices to get started.

There are several points of priority in buying a car air pump: 1. Inflation speed, 2. Heat dissipation performance, 3. Portability. If the interior of the car is usually dirty, you can also consider the car air pump with dust + air charge.

I believe that many friends have the experience of having their mobile phones or parking cards fall into the seam of the seat, so we can place a storage box between the seats. Not only can it prevent items from falling, but it can also increase storage space.

Although it may not be necessary for a lifetime, if it comes in handy, it may save lives. The safety hammer currently on sale will also be equipped with a cutting knife, which can damage the safety belt when the safety belt cannot be unfastened, which is convenient for getting out. Remember not to buy cheap, plastic ones. If you can't break the glass easily, then the consequences will be disastrous.