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Pulished on May. 07, 2020

Car cushions are the main consumer goods of car owners. According to the season to choose a comfortable, practical car cushion is particularly important. There are leather, super fiber leather, artificial leather, nylon, chemical fiber, artificial wool, polyester wool, and other different materials on the market today.

The wool cushion is one of the winter car interior options. And in the hot summer, many car owners will choose ice silk cushions (chemical fiber). The cushion that also has four seasons to use commonly on the market now, make a kind of big trend gradually.


Introduction of car cushion products

Car cushion is divided into three sets, five sets, eight sets, nine sets of four. The three-piece suit refers to the seat cushion of the two front seats plus the seat cushion of the long row seat in the back. The five-piece suite is based on a three-piece suit with two front seatbacks. The eight-piece set is based on the five-piece set plus the backrest of the back row seat. Nine sets are to point to front row two, back row back two, long cushion one, 2 headrests, 2 waist pillow! Of course, the more pieces, the more expensive.

The role of car cushions

First, provide a comfortable ride

Experienced drivers know that correct sitting posture and good sitting sense is an important prerequisite for safe driving, but also an effective means to alleviate driving fatigue. Install a suit of appropriate seat cover or laid cushion, to promote the feeling of sitting, increase comfort has obvious effect.


Universal Car Seat Cover Fit For 5 Seats And 7 Seats


The seat fabric of most models is sewn and cannot be taken apart or washed. Once soiled, it is difficult to thoroughly clean the seats, even with the professional inner hall cleaning of the car salon. Therefore, the installation of a seat cover or laying cushion has become the most convenient way to protect the seat.

Suggestions for car seat selection

First, choose car MATS, the most important is the assurance of comfort, including health airbags (not car healthy airbag is a small of the back air support parts) for the best, the material of the health of the airbag cushion can according to your size automatically adjust the position, provide a comfortable driving environment for owners, let owner get rid of back pain due to driving the pain; [1]

Second, car cushion, it is important to note that the friction, a lot of people have in an emergency brake, the body will slip out from the seat, this is because to buy car MATS caused the cause of the low friction, so everyone in choosing a car MATS, be sure to choose the brand there is enough friction, avoid sliding body, this is to ensure that the needs of the travel safety;

Third, to buy car MATS, also focused on the cushion and the matching degree of the car, good horse matches good saddle, a good car should have a good seat, not suitable for the car cushion not only affects the vehicle overall impression, but also reflects the taste of the owner, who is also don't want to be known as "a lout, but experts also advise: the whole color selected car MATS and the interior color tone is consistent, the focus on the host preference at the same time, try to achieve a harmonious collocation.

Fourth, first, find a good shop. Don't look at the favorable rating, but to see him in the middle of the bad review in detail, so as to judge what kind of person the shopkeeper is. Will you deal with after-sales problems, will you take responsibility for your mistakes, will you take the initiative to solve problems? Because it is almost impossible for a store not to make mistakes, good reviews can be bought with money, these, can not be bought.

<img src="https://www.chinesecarmat.com/data/upload/ueditor/20200507/5eb3a7b04fef4.png" Universal Car Seat Cover Fit For 5 Seats And 7 Seats" alt="Universal Car Seat Cover Fit For 5 Seats And 7 Seats"/>

Fifth, finally, look at the baby description. The detailed graph, what the shopkeeper says, want to look carefully. Because the general applicability of car cushion is about 95%, there are some differences. There are also some other small details to pay attention to, will be shown in the baby description, this if not carefully, easy to lose.

Sixth, the purchase of the all-bag type of car cushion must ask clearly, the position of the airbag is not through special treatment, will affect the airbag ejection, after all, safety is the most important.

Car cushion maintenance tips

If the car is installed with a leather seat cover or seat cushion, then it is recommended that your new car or modified leather cover after 15 days coat the leather with a layer of protective wax. Try to keep the case away from the heat source, or it will cause the leather to dry out. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, which can cause the leather to discolor. Regular implementation of cleaning maintenance, weekly use a vacuum cleaner to absorb dust, with leather professional soft cleaner clean, clean do not use a hairdryer to quickly dry leather, it is best to air dry.

If you are using a fabric seat cover or seat cushion, you can dry clean the best. When washing, please use the detergent with low alkali content. Before washing, soak in 30 ℃ warm water for 10 minutes. When the hand is washed, brush with soft wool to dip wash agent scrub, after level, natural shade is dry. Do not machine wash or dehydrate.

If you choose wool and other high-grade fabrics cushion, we recommend that you to the most important, daily use to avoid serious contamination or frequent washing will make the texture of wool cushion worse.