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How to Choose A Car Seat Cover?

Pulished on Apr. 09, 2020

The car seat cushion is about "comfort", because only when you are comfortable can you reduce fatigue and protect your body to a certain extent, and the material of the car seat cushion determines the comfort to a large extent. Car Seat Cover Suppliers suggest that you can determine according to the season and your preferences.

For example, the more common Driver Seat Floor Mat cushion materials are linen, ice silk, Vicat, sky silk, buffalo leather, bamboo mat, wood, bamboo charcoal, fabric, plush, etc. Each material has different functions and feel. Generally speaking, cushions require warm winter and cool summer, so it is recommended to choose linen or ice silk in summer, and plush in winter. In addition, pay attention to the material of the cushion material, which has a soft feel, thick texture, and good drape, because this will also play a certain role in protecting the seat.

When choosing a car seat cushion in summer, the important thing is to grasp the coolness and comfort. Among them, the linen material and the ice silk material are better. The cushions of these two materials are better in ventilation and breathability, and will not let sweat permeate the back. Keep away from sweaty and embarrassing pants; when choosing a car seat cushion, you must pay attention to its friction. Many people experience the emergency brake and the body will slip out of the seat cushion. This is because the friction of the purchased car seat cushion is insufficient. The reason is that when you choose a car seat cushion, you must choose a brand with sufficient friction to avoid body sliding, which is necessary to ensure travel safety.

Car Seat Covers

Car Seat Covers

Custom Car Seat Covers should also pay attention to the matching degree of the seat cushion and the car. A good horse is equipped with a good saddle. A good car needs a good seat. An unsuitable car seat cushion not only affects the overall impression of the vehicle but also reflects the owner's own taste No one wants to be called "big and thick". The overall color of the selected car seat cushion should be consistent with the color of the entire interior. While focusing on the owner's preference, try to achieve a harmonious match, so it is possible to Customize the seat cushion according to your own car model or purchase a special seat cushion.

Choose common sense to clarify the type you choose. There are general special materials and plush products. Let's talk about general ones first. The general types are divided into two types: one is the seat cover, the seat cover is fixedly installed on the seat, wherein the fabric seat cover is generally removable and washable, and the leather seat cover and the seat are sewed into one body, which can only be cleaned overall; The second is the seat cushion. The seat cushion is placed directly on the surface of the seat. Generally speaking, the seat cover and the seat cushion do not need to be equipped repeatedly.