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Where Can I Buy Mercedes-Benz Floor MATS?

Pulished on May. 11, 2020

Car floor mat for motorists who became a necessary good car interior clean, very popular with new car owners as floor MATS coiled MATS, rise in 08 at home, the first is mainly used in household and hotel welcome mat, after improvement for car MATS, compared with the original carpet floor MATS will all dust and dirt are concentrated on the surface, floor mat surface that characteristic of the filamentous structure of silk, has a stain resistant easy to clean, not easy to produce mildew, etc.

Double Layer Car Floor MatGenerally speaking, the silk circle floor mat is a special car version, using computer scanning precision cutting and precise fitting of the car floor, and the visual effect and comfort are good, therefore, by the car friends classified as light luxury classic car products. Today I'm going to give you a full floor mat for the Mercedes-Benz e-class.

Whether the collision that sees the luxurious car and all surround pad can be an integral whole, still can appear wide range not to stick the circumstance of the edge, see you knew, and the understanding of all surround pad also can be more thorough.

Using interior grade environmentally friendly materials, 6 layers structure, Through the strict Daimler environmental testing certification, comprehensive protection of air health.


Customized car, according to the original car research and development data design and manufacture

Precise size, equipped with Mercedes-Benz dedicated "mushroom head" fixing system.

Will not interfere with the throttle, brake pedal, eliminate potential driving safety hazards.

Completely surrounded design cut off the sanitary corner.

No place to hide dirt, convenient for the overall disassembly and cleaning.

After many trials and tribulations, time passes as a new leaf

The product has passed 120,000km wear test, temperature test,

Aging test, fading test, deformation test to ensure long - term use.

Mercedes-Benz - stereo full - enclosed floor mat features

Brand taste: with Mercedes-Benz brand Logo, highlight the taste

Customized car: designed and manufactured according to the size data of the research and development of adaptor models

Health and environmental protection: passed the strict Daimler environmental protection certification test, providing an additional layer of protection for the healthy interior environment.

Driving safety: the driver's side adopts the special "mushroom head" fixed system of Benz, which will not generate displacement after 300N tension test to ensure driving safety.

Comfortable to use: adopt the 6-layer structure and select leather material of the same style for interior decoration to improve driving comfort.