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What Should I Pay Attention To When Cleaning The Foot Pads?

Pulished on Jul. 23, 2020

Car Floor Mats are the most dirty place in car interior decoration. Only regular cleaning of car mats can reduce the odor and bacteria in the car and improve the physical and mental health of car users. However, many friends consider going to professional car beauty care shops. The cleaning cost is relatively high, and I will choose to clean the car mats at home. This is also a way. So today we will learn about the cleaning techniques of car mats and the precautions in the cleaning process.

1. It is not advisable to soak and wash completely in water. It will damage the bonding of several layers of different materials inside the foot pad, and will slow down the drying of the foot pad, which will affect the effect of use and cause moisture in the car.

2. After cleaning, the foot pads must be dried or dried to avoid causing moisture in the car.

Diamond Car Floor Mat Share

Diamond Car Floor Mat Share

3. In daily life, it is inevitable to eat ketchup and other sauces in the car. If the car floor mat is accidentally soiled, or the coloring agent such as lipstick is printed on the car floor mat and seat accidentally, it can be soaked with cold water Wipe with a cloth or wipe gently with a sponge, and then wash with a foam cleaner. Never use soap or hot water to clean and wipe. In addition, do not wash with soap or hot water. The stains left by washing coffee, cola, ice cream and other beverages, because soap and hot water will fix the marks on the surface of the seat, you can only wipe it with a cloth soaked in cold water, and then clean it with foam detergent.

4. The non-slip foot mat of carpet material can be washed by dry cleaning and washing, and the dry cleaning effect is good. Use a low-alkali detergent for washing, and soak in 30 degrees warm water for 10 minutes. Then gently rub and wash, fold the cushion and put it in the dehydrator for dehydration, and then spread the cushion flat in a cool and ventilated place to dry in the shade, pay attention not to expose it to the sun or wring it out!

5. Non-slip foot pads made of ordinary PV materials. This type of foot pads are easier to clean. When cleaning the car, just rinse it with water.

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