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How to Choose the Right Car Foot Pad?

Pulished on Mar. 28, 2020

Automobile Floor Mat, as a kind of highly practical car supplies, can effectively waterproof, dust-proof, non-slip, and are very suitable for use in rainy and cold weather. Car footpads, Driver Seat Floor Mat, steering wheel covers are all necessary car decoration items for car owners after buying a car.

Car mat is a kind of protective auto parts used to increase comfort and decoration to improve the driving environment. The most important thing in the car mat is to integrate the five major functions of water absorption, vacuum absorption, decontamination, sound insulation, and protection of the host blanket. Car feet. Water absorption, vacuum cleaning, and decontamination of automobile foot pads can effectively prevent the residual water on the soles and slips between the clutch, brake and throttle caused by stolen goods, avoid hidden safety hazards, and reduce the possibility of interior pollution and damage. Cleaning the interior is easier and more economical. The car mat looks like an inconspicuous thing. Actually, it plays a vital role in real life. Because it is closest to the car's throttle, brake, clutch, etc., if the choice of footpads is not reasonable, it will likely affect the effectiveness of the brakes, and thus affect people's lives. How should we choose the right footpad?

First of all, it is necessary to match the appropriate size and Easy to Install Car Floor Mat according to your own model. Whether you choose too large or too small foot pads, there is a risk of causing hidden dangers in traffic safety accidents. For example, if the pads are selected too small, it means that the pads may slide in the car. When the driver controls the accelerator pedal or the brake pedal, it may not be possible because of the sliding of the pads. Good control, which brings certain driving risks.

Diamond Car Floor Mat

Diamond Car Floor Mat

After we choose the right size of pads, then we must look at the fit between the pads and the floor. Be careful not to choose slippery footpads, if you choose slippery foot pads, there will be a certain safety hazard. It should also be noted that you must choose car mats that do not have odors. Do not choose car mats that are too strong or smelly, especially car mats that have an irritating smell. Do not buy them. You need to know that many low-cost foot pads use chemicals such as chlorinated paraffin, which not only have an odor but are also harmful to our bodies. At the same time, we choose footpads, it is best to choose foot pads that are easy to remove and wash. If our foot pads are easy to remove, it will also greatly facilitate our daily cleaning. It's even better if you choose dirt-resistant pads. The next step is to choose the shape and material of the footpad. We can fully consider our likes and family preferences, and choose our favorite footpad material or shape. At the same time, the style and styling of the chosen foot pads are best to match the interior style of the vehicle, so that the visual effects will not look very obtrusive.

Then, we must go to regular stores or online stores to buy regular footpads. Don't be greedy for cheap, choose foot pads that belong to Sanwu products, or buy footpads at roadside stalls.