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How to Clean the Car Mat Properly?

Pulished on Mar. 18, 2020

Car mats can be said to be an essential decoration for our family cars. Car mats have many functions. The most important point is to keep the interior of the car clean, but the car mats need to be washed for a long time to prevent cause secondary pollution to the car. The following 3D Vehicles Floor Mat Manufacturer will show you how to properly clean the car mats.

1. Cleaning of car mats of different materials

There are many different materials for car mats, and different types of car mats are different when cleaning, so we must treat them differently. First of all, the leather foot pads cannot be washed directly with water. Generally, you can use a wet cloth to wipe them slowly. Plush foot pads can be cleaned with a carpet cleaner and brushed with a brush. Finally, the wire loop foot pads and plastic foot pads are easy to clean. Just put them in the water and use a brush to clean them.

In our daily life, we must clean the car mats regularly to keep the interior of the car clean. As long as you pay attention to the above aspects when cleaning, generally there will not be too many problems.

2. Different cleaning methods of Car Floor Mat, different cleaning agents

Automobile foot pad manufacturers indicate that different material foot pads have different cleaning methods and different cleaning agents. Microfiber leather foot pads can be washed directly with water during the cleaning process, while velvet foot pads need to be washed. Careful cleaning and maintenance.

Under normal circumstances, the use of automobile foot pads is basically integrated with the car floor, so it is not easy to remove and clean. Regarding the problem of foot pad dust, we can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush head to perform vacuum treatment. You can use a shoe brush to clean up the mud and small debris in the depth of the foot pad. Then spray a suitable amount of special detergent and wash it with a brush. Finally, use a clean rag to absorb excess detergent. Just fine. Only in this way can the car foot pads be clean and soft. After the washing is completed, in order to make the foot pads dry as soon as possible, a drying device can be used for drying treatment.

Car Floor Mat

Car Floor Mat

In addition, for some of our newly-purchased cars, it is inevitable that there will be a heavy taste in the car. This very heavy odor will emit harmful chemical gases, which will affect human health over time. There are three main sources of these gases. One is that the odor inherent in the new car is that the car components have not sufficiently released the smell of harmful gases; the other is the decoration in the car. Hazardous gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, and acetone contained in car interior decoration materials; thirdly, because the air conditioning in the car or the cabin is not well sealed, some harmful chemicals such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons pollutants such as gas and the smell of gasoline enter the car. So how to remove these "new car smells"? Car Trunk Mat supplier have compiled the following methods for your reference.

Method 1: Because the strange odor of the new car mainly comes from the parts and decorations of the car, it is necessary to open the air conditioner less and open the window to keep the air flowing to keep the air in the car interior.

Method 2: We can choose to use bamboo charcoal products to absorb its odor. Bamboo charcoal can selectively adsorb harmful substances in the air. We can go to a car beauty shop to buy activated carbon bags.

Method 3: We can also put fruits in the car to suck off odors, especially select strong fruits to deodorize in the car, like pineapple, orange, lemon, etc. Buy some fresh fruits and put them in the air outlet.

The above is also the method for correct cleaning of car mats.