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Which New Car Decoration is Necessary?

Pulished on Jun. 11, 2020

As the so-called "the soldiers and horses are not moving, the grain and the grass first", many small partners have begun to look at a variety of new car supplies before lifting the car. Of course, not all automotive supplies are very practical, such as seat belt buckles, which are simply jokes about their lives. Next, we will give you a list of which new car decoration is necessary. The following must-have items for new cars introduced by 3D Car Floor Mat Manufacturer are not dropped.

Driving recorder

The driving recorder is like a "black box" on an airplane. It not only can help you record the driving situation at all times, but even the sound in the car can be completely recorded. Some recorders also have multimedia functions such as music and navigation. Similar, technology can be said to be more and more developed. But don't underestimate its role. When encountering a malicious collision or a traffic accident, the images recorded by the driving recorder can be used as strong evidence.

2. Mascot Decoration

Many car owners will put one or even a few mascots on their cars, let alone a friend who believes in Feng Shui. Of course, there are many types of mascots, and different mascots may mean different things. Then it is best to put the mascots of the Buddha and bronze coins, because they all mean peace, and you must know that driving safety is the most important thing. Of course, if you want to get promoted and make a fortune, you can also release lucky cats and gold ingots.

3. Car Floor Mat

The practicality of the car mat is quite good. Not only can you decorate the car according to your preferences, the most important thing is to protect it. After all, the cycle of changing cars is not short. Naturally, we need to cherish our new car. When we travel daily, it is inevitable that a lot of dust and pebbles will stick to the soles, so it is easy to bring impurities into the car. Then after adding Car Interior Double Layer Floor Mat, it is more convenient to clean up the impurities on the floor.

Car Interior Double Layer Floor Mat

Car Interior Double Layer Floor Mat

4. Mobile phone number plate

You need to know that the parking space problem is getting more and more tense. Even if you usually park in your own car, sometimes you can't avoid going to the side of the road when you go out. At this time, you need a moving car number plate. After all, sometimes special situations may occur, and we can’t know for the first time, such as obstructing the road flow or the car being hit. And with the mobile phone license plate, others can contact us in time.

5. Steering wheel anti-theft lock

It is necessary to equip the new car with an anti-theft lock on the steering wheel. Not to mention how powerful the security system that comes with the car, some car thieves will see that the car has a steering wheel lock on it, which will definitely increase the difficulty of his theft. The time required to unlock the lock is relatively long, so the risk of being discovered will be much higher. I believe these car thieves will not be so stupid. You know that the technology of car theft is more and more developed now, so let's add a steering wheel lock.

The above are the essentials of the new car introduced by Backseat Floor Mat Manufacturer. Hope to help you.