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Where does the Odor of Car Mats Come from?

Pulished on Feb. 15, 2020

New cars will have more or less odors, and in addition to the odors brought by the car itself, more may be from your carefully selected new foot pads. So where does the odor of car mats come from? How should we eliminate these odors? The following 3D Car Floor Mat Manufacturer will give you one by one answer.

Although the car mats on the market are labeled with "environmental protection", most of the processing of foot mats requires adhesives and plasticizers, rather than a layer of leather or silk loops seen on the surface. Easily emits odors under long-term storage or high temperature environments. It can be said that adhesives are the culprit of the odor of foot pads. Except for a few integrated injection molding of full TPE foot pads, no additives are needed, and other material foot pads will be doped with them.


So how to remove odor?

1. High temperature exposure

Everyone knows about maintaining ventilation. Car Floor Mat generally does not produce odors at normal temperature. At high temperatures, harmful gases will accelerate volatilization. For example, PVC will slowly decompose hydrogen chloride gas at about 50°C, so PVC cannot For food packaging. The newly-purchased foot pads can be unrolled and exposed to the air for a period of time, and then used after natural deodorization. However, it is not recommended to expose them for a long time, otherwise the foot pads will easily age.


2. Proper flush

Most wire loops and rubber foot pads can be cleaned directly. A non-corrosive cleaner can be added during the washing process. After that, it can be dried in a ventilated place. After cleaning it, there is still a smell after that, then the material of the foot pad is not so reliable, and it is not recommended to continue to use it. In humid and rainy climates, silk-fiber mats and large surrounding mats are prone to breed bacteria and hide dirt after a long time of use. Owners should develop a good habit of washing and sunbathing.


3. Use of foreign objects

The most environmentally friendly method, you can use activated carbon, orange peel, etc. on the foot pads to suck off odors. Of course, if you don’t want to abandon the pungent smell, you can also consider using alcohol, white wine, vinegar, etc. to wipe or wash. A few drops are diluted on the foot pads to maintain ventilation in the car.

 XPE Car Floor Mat

XPE Car Floor Mat

In recent years, the automotive supplies market in Europe and the United States has gradually abandoned traditional PVC, eva and other foot pads, and chose XPE Car Floor Mat for baby products, medical equipment, etc., which means that XPE does not require additional additives in production. Non-toxic environmental protection advantages. For car owners, when buying foot pads, don't be greedy for cheap, choosing healthy materials from the source is the best way to remove odor!