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Misunderstanding Of The Use Of Car Mats, How Many Did You Recruit?

Pulished on Jun. 15, 2020

Hello, my friends, the Backseat Floor Mat Manufacturer did not bring you the considerations for the selection of car mats in the last issue. So today we will bring you the main content. Today is important. Please bring your little ones. Benben, we start today's knowledge point.

First of all, in this era of flooding cars, owning a car is not difficult for most people. Everyone also loves their cars, and car mats are also popular with car owners. However, in the use of Diamond Car Floor Mat, it is not used correctly by the owner. Next, the Huoyida car products explain the misunderstandings of the use of mats in detail.

Automobile Floor Mat

Automobile Floor Mat

1. Too much attention to cleaning: When we use car mats, the purpose is to absorb water, absorb layers, sound insulation and protect the host blanket. If we only focus on easy cleaning and cleaning, it will easily lead to misalignment and cause big losses.

2. Repeated placement of pads: Place PCV, 30, rubber and other pads on the original pads, which will cause the suede pads to be damaged and contaminated. When you are using them, you do not know these operations Hidden safety hazards affecting the braking and speeding of your car

3. The protective film of the host blanket is not removed: after we buy a new car, there will be a host blanket, and the PE protective film on the host blanket is used to protect the host blanket from damage and pollution without other protection. If you need to install a car mat, then you need to remove this PE protective film before installation to ensure that the TPR nail bottom of the mat and the host blanket rub against each other to achieve a non-slip function.

Misunderstanding Of The Use Of Car Mats, How Many Did You Recruit?cid=5

4. Unclear car mats, cleaning mats in car wash shops: Car mats should be removed as soon as possible after completing the'water absorbing' layer, otherwise they will cause bacteria to multiply and affect the car The air quality inside leads to physical health problems, especially the silk circle foot pads, which will have more and more dirt and dust. It is not so easy to clean it. It is recommended to wash it manually to remove bacteria thoroughly

5. A set of foot pads has been used for many years: if anything is used continuously. Even if the appearance is still intact, it may not necessarily have the function of its original design. Conditional owners can buy better Huoyida car mats, use them in turn, extend the service life of the product, and save economic expenses.

Well, the above are the mistakes that many car owners are prone to when using Automobile Floor Mats. These mistakes can also bring hidden dangers to driving safety. I hope the above knowledge can help you.