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Storage Method In The Car

Pulished on Sep. 03, 2019

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Daily commuting, work travel, family travel... so that there are always a lot of items in the car that need to be placed in the car, a little negligence, and it will become chaotic without cleaning up the car in time. Some car clubs have not sorted out the car all the year round, so they missed the opportunity to send the goddess home. Some car friends just sorted out the items in the car, but in order to take the children out, everything they put on seems to return.

For the car family, the car is like their other home, the house should be kept clean, and the car environment should be neat and orderly. So how can we keep the car clean and tidy? Today, let us who is a professional company who can supply Trunk Organizer Storage Box teach you this practical and convenient car storage magic weapon.

Car Organizers

Car Organizers

1. Seat storage

When you have a long driving time and no rest, you can take a nap in your car, but eating has become difficult. In this regard, it can help car owners solve this problem perfectly, special water cup position and folding plate, even if Enjoy the comfort and smoothness of your meal while driving.

2. Quilt storage

Driver's license or key is the usual item of the owner. It is placed in the storage box. It is not convenient to take it every time. It may not be easy to find when you need it. It is not prepared to prepare a car slot storage box. It is mini. The appearance takes up less space, and it is easy to store and solve the charging problem in a place where it can be easily touched.

3. Back box storage

With more and more scattered items, the trunk of the car has become a space for stacking debris. The owners may wish to prepare a storage box in the car. Its large storage space makes it easier to organize the items and keep the car clean. At the same time, it can also liberate the trunk. It can easily accommodate all the items that the owner needs to go out. The high-quality materials are non-toxic and tasteless, which guarantees the health of the owners. The cleaning method of wet towel scrubbing saves time and effort and is more convenient.

4. Mobile phone charging bracket

Charging your phone in the car can be a very cumbersome thing, and dragging a long data line is a big deal. Some car USB ports are not designed properly, and it is very inconvenient for the phone to stand flat or stand up. With this flexible mobile phone charging cable, the phone can be set up regardless of the location of the USB charging port on the car.

5. The empty air conditioning air outlet can be installed this storage bag, used to place small items such as cigarettes, mobile phones, coins, etc., it is also convenient when taken.

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