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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Leather Car Seat Covers?

Pulished on Sep. 09, 2019

Here is a professional factory who has PU Leather Car Seat Cover talking about how to distinguish the quality of leather car seat covers.

The so-called car leather of the Car Seat Cover is the raw skin peeled off from the animal and then produced by the processing of the leather factory. Usually cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin are the main raw materials for making leather. The dermis is generally divided into two types: the top layer and the second layer. The quality, price and characteristics of the two are also different. Below we are the car leather car interior for you to introduce the characteristics and differences between the two:

Car Seat Cover

Car Seat Cover

1. The first layer of skin is beef, sheep, pigskin, etc. with grain surface, natural scars and blood scars on the leather surface, and occasionally knife wounds during processing and intestines with extremely low utilization rate. The top layer has the numbering of the cows. Full grain skin can distinguish the animal skin from the pore size and density. There are many types of cowhide, such as cow hides, meat cowhide, grazing cowhide, cow skin, bull hide, uncastrated bull hide and castrated bull hide. In China, there are also yellow cowhide, buffalo leather, yak leather and yak leather. Among them, the pores of buffalo are thicker and more sparse; the yellow cowhide is thinner and thicker than the pores of buffalo.

2. The second layer of skin is a loose layer of fibrous structure, which is processed by chemical spraying or coating with PVC and PU film.

According to the different nature of the two, we can pull the leather hard, the top layer of skin can see the fine pores, and the surface of the skin will be deformed, while the second layer of skin has no pores and there will be no obvious deformation; the second layer of skin is generally hard, feel very bad.

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