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Is Your Car Mat Properly Chosen?

Pulished on Dec. 12, 2019

As the saying goes, a good horse has a good saddle, and so does the purchase of Car Floor Mat. For ordinary family cars, it is enough to match a few hundred to less than one thousand. The more than one thousand or two thousand foot mats also need at least 200,000 premium models, and the particularly cheap foot mats are better not to be. The first is that bad smell is bad for your health, the second is that if you don't skid, you can't pay for the clutch and brake when driving.

At present, there are many types of car mats on the market. The materials are mainly leather, silk, plastic, rubber, etc., and they also can be divided into semi-surrounding car floor mats and 3D Full Surrounded Vehicles Floor Mat according to the surrounding area. In fact, the function of the car mat is similar to the carpet in the home. If you don't pay attention to it, you can use it as a plastic pad. There are also thousands of mats. So this thing is decided according to personal preferences and personality, there is no absolute good, only suitable or not suitable for you.

The original car blanket will also be dirty after a long time of use, especially the water on the rainy day shoes will penetrate into the original car blanket, easy to breed bacteria, and more difficult to clean up. Choosing a good foot pad not only makes it easy to clean, but also makes the interior look more beautiful. Unless those shy people don't care if the car is dry or not, a person who pays a little attention to hygiene will use it. The mud belt on the shoes and the car are all in the foot mats. It is too convenient to take them out and wash them at regular intervals.

Leather Floor Mats

Leather Floor Mats

Nowadays, the owners use more silk loop mats and Leather Floor Mats. Silk loops are cheaper and easier to clean, but they are easier to slip, especially when braking. The fully enclosed leather foot mats are also easy to clean and more beautiful, but they can also be damaged if they are not well maintained. Therefore, the protection level of the original car blanket is different for each type of foot pad. It can do a good job of completely protecting the original car blanket. This foot pad is also very convenient to clean up, and of course this foot pad is also The most expensive.

The fully-enclosed leather seat cushion will have a taste if it is just a general brand product, because it will shape the leather and use a lot of formaldehyde-containing glue. Cars are also different from homes. Cars are a closed space. These inferior products bought will emit formaldehyde-like odors. A long ride will definitely affect personal safety. And the so-called leather is not real leather, many are artificial.

In fact, you must use comfort and reassurance for this thing. You can’t choose any brand, so you should choose a big brand. It’s better not to be expensive. It costs no money, and no formaldehyde glue. of. And each model is different, try to find special products for special cars when choosing. Also don't think that the mats can completely isolate the dirty things. The most important thing to clean is to clean up.