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Is The Trunk Of The Car Useful?

Pulished on Nov. 08, 2019

Nowadays, there are a lot of decorations on the car. There are already a lot of money to buy a car. Therefore, when decorating the car, the owner feels that the money is a little case. Especially when you just bought a new car, the owner is very concerned. If the sale introduces some decorations to the owner, the owner can easily get hooked. Car trunk mats are one of them, so what is the use of car trunk mats? Listen to the opinions of our Car Floor Mat suppliers.

The car trunk mat is the mat which placed at the bottom of the trunk of the car. The trunk of the car is the place to store the items, and its role cannot be ignored. The car trunk mat is an environmentally-friendly car interior component that integrates the five main functions of water absorption, vacuuming, decontamination, sound insulation and protection of the rear box carpet. The trunk of the car is used to put things. Usually, it is not necessary to put anything. Some things are very clean, and some things are dirty. When you need to put something dirty, can you not put it in the trunk because it is dirty? Clean people may not let go, but the vast majority of people will put in the trunk.

If the dirty things are also put into the trunk, then the trunk may be dirty, and the trunk may not be cleaned. If the trunk is dirty, it will be uncomfortable if it is not cleaned, and it is not convenient to put things in the future. Although we often put some mess in the trunk, we should try to keep the trunk clean.

If you use the Trunk Mat, you can save a lot of things. When you are dirty, you can also dirty the trunk pad. You only need to clean the trunk pad. This is much simpler and saves a lot of trouble. Therefore, experts also feel that it is necessary to use the suitcase cushion.

All Surrounded Trunk Mat

All Surrounded Trunk Mat

Its main functions are:


The suitcase mats are carefully designed with non-slip surfaces so that they are not scattered by bumps. For example, a specific Non Skid All Surrounded Trunk Mat.

2. Waterproof

The trunk pad is made of waterproof PE material, which is UV-resistant, oil-resistant and tough. It can prevent the luggage from being contaminated by sand, mud, water, snow and oil.

3. Antifouling

Effectively prevent dirt from spilling out of contaminated vehicles.

4. Protection

High-density foaming material, soundproof and shock-resistant.

In general: the trunk of the car is the storage room of the utility room. The trunk of the car can effectively protect the trunk of the car, prevent the dirt or liquid from entering the trunk to erode the surface of the trunk, and prevent the contents of the trunk from slipping. The trunk of the car can reduce the possibility of contamination and damage to the interior. After all, cleaning the trunk mat is more convenient and economical than cleaning the interior. The thick substrate prevents chassis noise and tire noise and improves driving comfort. The TPR car trunk mat can also completely absorb the remaining noise and the sound echo in the car to protect the hearing from damage.

The contents of the trunk are very messy, sometimes oil is drained, sometimes the product is released, and sometimes the quilt is placed. This is possible. No matter what you put in the future, it is better to keep the car clean and tidy. It is also necessary to keep the trunk clean and tidy. The owner also feels very reasonable, or it is more reliable to install a suitcase, the suitcase pad does not cost a lot, cleaning up the trunk will save a lot of trouble. Are you useful for car trunk mats? After the experts analyze the advantages, the owner quickly puts on one! What do you want to say?