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Is the Car Trunk Mat a Display?

Pulished on Feb. 12, 2020

I believe that most car owners will buy a variety of accessories and interior supplies for their car just after they buy a new car, but they often overlook one place, which is the trunk. Many car owners think that the trunk does not need to be retrofitted with car supplies, and they are often overlooked during maintenance. The trunk is mainly used to store things. In our daily life, it is inevitable that some dirty items will be stored, and it is easy to dirty the trunk of the car. Over time, there will be some problems. Some car owners who are aware of this problem will choose to buy tailgate pads for protection. But some car owners think it is unnecessary to buy the trunk mat. Should they buy it? Let the XPE Car Floor Mat Supplier tell you about it.

 Car Trunk Mat

Car Trunk Mat

The tailgate pad is actually the same as the Automobile Floor Mat in our car. The most important role is to prevent stains, dirt and rain from entering the trunk and corrode the trunk surface. It can also play a non-slip function. When the driver encounters poor road conditions, the driver often scatters and slides due to bumps. If a trunk is installed, this situation will not happen. , With well-designed non-slip surface.


In addition, there is a waterproof function, because most of the trunk mats on the market are made of waterproof PE material, which can effectively prevent liquid from entering the trunk, and can also prevent mud, snow, oil, etc. from contaminating the trunk surface. It is very suitable for use in rainy and cold weather. It is also very easy to do daily cleaning. It does not need to be cleaned inside. After the dirt, you only need to take out the trunk pad to clean it. If there are only stones on the surface, just take out the entire trunk pad and pat it a few times. It does not require too much trouble and is a very practical car accessory.


The Car Trunk Mat is available in all-inclusive and half-inclusive packages. Whether you buy an all-inclusive package or a half-inclusive package depends on the storage space of your car. Most car owners choose semi-surrounding. Because the package semicircle is sufficient for daily driving, its protective effect is sufficient, and it is very convenient to organize. Full surround is that the entire rear seat is covered at the sides and back, and the protective performance is stronger than semi-enclosed. And for vehicles with a small trunk space, you can increase the storage space, but the only disadvantage is that the size is relatively large, and it is relatively more troublesome to handle than to surround it.


Finally, the car trunk mat is definitely not a simple furnishing, and it is no less effective than any other car accessory. When buying the trunk mat, don't be greedy for cheap, it is best to buy it in a regular place, and try to clean it up regularly, so as to effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria.