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How To Keep The Trunk Clean?

Pulished on Dec. 18, 2019

Any car owner will pay attention to the internal cleaning of his car, wash the body, and clean up the debris next to the driver's seat. As the largest storage space in the car, the trunk often contains various sundries, and it is common to get dirty. The trunk is often lined with fine fleece mats, which are particularly prone to getting dust and fine fluff. Over time, the trunk was always dirty. The trunk is not cleaned often, but every cleaning is a big project. What do we do when we clean the trunk of a car?

Trunk cleaning method:

First of all, if we want to clean up the trunk, we must first develop the habit of organizing items. Secondly, it is best not to put fragile items in the trunk, and at the same time do not put mineral water in the car in the summer. Let’s talk about cleaning in detail.

1. After cleaning the sundries in the trunk, start cleaning. First, gently sweep the trunk with a brush to sweep out the larger dust and sand particles in preparation for subsequent cleaning work.

2. Cleaning the plush part of the trunk is very important. Be careful not to use water. The correct method is to use multifunctional foam. You can also use a brush to clean the dirt.

3. Pay attention to the edges of the trunk and the sink. In addition, during the cleaning process, pay attention to the dirt on the edges of the trunk and the sink. After cleaning, it is best to perform another odor treatment to give the most complete cleaning and care of the trunk.

4. You can also choose to purchase a Trunk Mat to prevent dirt or liquid from entering the trunk and eroding the trunk surface. It can also prevent the contents of the trunk from sliding and reduce the possibility of interior pollution and damage. After all, cleaning the rear mat of the car is better than cleaning. The interior is more convenient and economical. Where the pad is not covered, if it is iron, you can use a brush and a little detergent to scrub it, and then wipe it with a dry towel. The edge area of the trunk, as well as the water channel, can be used to dilute the detergent with water, wet with a towel and scrub, then wipe dry with a towel. If you are bothersome, you can also buy All Surrounded Trunk Mat directly.

After cleaning, spray some air cleaner in the trunk to keep the air in the car fresh.

All Surrounded Trunk Mat

All Surrounded Trunk Mat

In addition, our Car Floor Mat supplier can also share with you the installation method after purchasing the trunk mat:

Trunk cleaning is more troublesome, because the material of chemical fiber and fine fleece mats is easy to stain and difficult to clean. If you really can't stand the trunk being soiled and have time to clean it often, you can choose to lay a trunk mat in the trunk.

The special product for the special car is designed according to the size and shape of the trunk, and fits the original fine cashmere cushion, leaving no obvious gaps at the edges, which fully protects the trunk space.

Environmentally friendly material, will not release harmful gases and odors such as formaldehyde. The surface is made of abrasion-resistant leather, which is waterproof, abrasion-resistant, and high-temperature resistant. In the event of dust or debris, it can be easily cleaned and removed, and it can be removed as a whole.

Find a chance to clean and protect your trunk. Through my introduction today, everyone should pay attention to cleaning the trunk in time. After all, the trunk load also has a certain impact on vehicle fuel consumption and safety.