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How To Install The Trunk Mat?

Pulished on Nov. 15, 2019

Many users have the doubt that the trunk mat is not necessary. Is the trunk mat necessary? How should the trunk mat be installed? The following Trunk Mat suppliers come here to introduce this problem, and users who have doubts can simply find out!

1. Is the trunk mat necessary?

Most users will install a trunk mat in the trunk after buying a car, so that you don't have to worry about dirtying the trunk when you put something in the trunk. So after using it for a while, take out the trunk mat and wash it, or replace it with a suitcase mat, and don't worry about the trunk being dirty. In addition, if you put some hard items in the trunk, or sharp items, the trunk mat can also play a role in protecting the trunk. So in fact, the trunk mat is quite necessary. Try to keep the back box clean and hygienic, and also protect the trunk from damage.

All Surrounded Trunk Mat

 All Surrounded Trunk Mat

2 Is it necessary to pack all the suitcase mats?

Is it necessary to pack all the suitcase mats? Many users will be very fond of buying a car and using a variety of mats to protect the car. Many users install a trunk protection mat. But is it necessary to pack all the suitcase mats?

The market and the luggage compartments sold are not all-inclusive luggage mats and All Surrounded Trunk Mat. When not all-inclusive, they are a trunk mat. The price is relatively affordable, but the scope of protection is limited! The all-inclusive trunk is a full-scale three-dimensional protection trunk. The protection of each area is relatively strong, but the price is relatively expensive. In fact, if the trunk does not use the trunk often, or if you use the trunk to put some lighter and simpler things, you don't have to use the all-inclusive suitcase mat. As long as you use a half-bag suitcase mat, it is completely enough. If you want to put some harder items in the trunk, or items with sharp edges and corners, it is best to choose the all-inclusive suitcase mat. Because it can protect the trunk from wear and tear in all directions. However, the all-inclusive luggage mat will be slightly exaggerated. So in fact, there are not many users who choose the all-inclusive suitcase mat.

3 How to install the trunk mat?

How to install the trunk mat? Many users don't know how to install the trunk mat? Below we will introduce the problems related to the installation of the trunk mat. Users who need it to have a simple look!

The trunk mat installation sequence is: first two sides - then backrest - finally put the bottom mat. First find the corresponding mat to find out which is the left and which is the right.

Lift the protruding part by hand to make the outline clear, and use the protruding edge on the side of the backrest as the reference point. Do not tear the adhesive tape first, and do not stick it. Use your hand to push the recessed area as far as possible to fit the body. Then, first peel off the inner adhesive tape, and press and hold the other parts. Remove the adhesive tape from the bottom and stick it on the outside. After the top is pasted, press it along the edge and stick it firmly. Apply the same method on the other side. In fact, the trunk mat is still very well installed.

The above is a description of how to install the trunk mat, I hope to help everyone. In addition, if you have a demand for the trunk mat, you can contact us, we can provide you with high-quality luggage mat, in addition to Hot Press Car Floor Mat, double-layer car mats and other car mats, welcome you.