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How To Clean Car Floor Mats?

Pulished on Nov. 23, 2019

I believe that many car owners know the car's interior products, although not very obvious, but if not cleaned up, it is harmful to people's health! Therefore, the interior of the car should be a better cleaning, and the owners must be too lazy to deal with it. Only clean the interior of the car, there will be no odor and opportunities for bacteria to multiply. Especially the most easily dirty car floor mats to be talked about next. Car floor mats have always been an indispensable item in the car, but the care of the mats is also very important, especially in the summer when the weather is hot and rainy, the cleaning of the car floor mats becomes a big problem, so how to care for the mats? Below the Car Floor Mat supplier will share some tips on how to clean the car floor mats.

Double Layer Car Floor Mat

Double Layer Car Floor Mat

1. The non-slip mat of carpet material can be cleaned with alkali cleaning agent. Like this non-slip mat, there are many options for cleaning. To put it bluntly, it means that you can dry clean or wash, and dry cleaning will be better. When washing, you can put a little alkaline detergent in the water for a dozen minutes. After the bubble is finished, gently wash it. If you want to wash it in the washing machine, it is best to put the mats in order and put them in. After the washing machine is dehydrated, it can be dried in a ventilated and cool place. Remember not to expose itself to sun exposure.

2. The non-slip mat of ordinary pv material is not limited. This type of floor mats is the easiest to clean. It is simple and easy to use when you are still inside the car. You can rinse it with plenty of water. Why is the non-slip mat of this material so easy to clean? Because its material is not easy to absorb water, and it is not suitable for wringing out like water as mentioned above, do not directly expose to the sun!

3. Leather Floor Mat are best wiped with a wet rag. Such car floor mats cannot be flushed directly with fresh water. Otherwise, the leather material inside will be easy to burst or fade. At this time, if you want to save some money, you can wipe it with a clean wet cloth at home. Even if you don't have a special wet rag, you can wipe it with a paper towel with a little water.

Below we will specifically talk about the method of cleaning the car mat.

1. Rinse and dry

Most of the wire ring and rubber floor mats can be directly washed. During the rinsing process, the corrosive detergent can be added as appropriate. However, the wire ring should not be completely immersed in water, which easily breaks the adhesion of the wire ring layer. After washing, you can use force to rub the water stains and put them in a ventilated place to dry.

2. Wipe with a damp cloth

The leather can not be directly washed by the water, because the water easily enters the interlayer and molds. The daily cleaning of the leather can be done with a damp cloth. When it is dry, if it is leather, it should not be exposed to the sun. However, the synthetic leather on the market is not so delicate.

3. Vacuum treatment

Plush mats are not suitable for washing because it takes a long time to dry. You can use a small vacuum cleaner with a brush to absorb the surface dust, just like taking care of your home carpet. Wire loops, etc. can also be treated with vacuum, but if you want to clean the bottom, you still need to wash it. If it is sticky, it can be soaked in warm water.

The above is the cleaning method of the car mat, I hope to help everyone. If you are interested in car floor mats, you can contact us, we can provide you with a variety of car floor mats including single-layer car floor mats, Double Layer Car Floor Mat, and GM floor mats. Welcome to come.