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How to Choose the Right Foot Mat for Your Car?

Pulished on Jan. 22, 2020

After buying a car, many people will decorate the car from the inside out. Compared to the car pendant and car perfume, the car mat is a highly practical car product that can effectively waterproof, dustproof, non-slip, very suitable for use in rainy and cold weather, is a must-have car supplies for many car owners. Although the car mat looks like an inconspicuous thing, it actually plays a vital role in real life. Because it is closest to the car's throttle, brake, clutch, etc., if the choice is not reasonable, it will likely affect the effectiveness of the brake, thereby endangering the life of the driver and passenger, so we must choose a regular car mat manufacturer, guaranteed in product quality.

Car mats are often easily ignored by us because they are close to the car's throttle, brakes, clutches, etc. If the choice of foot mats is not reasonable, it is likely to affect the effectiveness of the brakes. Car mat manufacturers consider it necessary to choose a safe car mat. So what kind of feet are suitable for your model? 3D Vehicles Floor Mat Manufacturer introduces you from the following aspects.

1. Supporting

The size of the pads required will vary from car to car, so owners must choose the matching pads when buying them. Because too large or too small foot pads are easy to cause displacement during the braking process, and if it is just under the brake pedal at this time, it may cause a traffic accident.

2, dirt-resistant, easy to clean

Although most car owners do not need to wash their own cars now, the car mats that are not resistant to dirt will not only affect people's visual effects, but also a place to hide dirt. If they are not cleaned in time, they will affect people's bodies. Healthy, so choosing an easy-to-clean mat is also necessary.

3.No odor

There are many low-quality foot pads in order to reduce costs, using harmful chemicals, and the material itself is also very poor, so it will have a great stench smell, which is even more pungent when the temperature is high, which is very harmful to the human body. Also easily cause motion sickness.

4, excellent fire resistance

Some car mats contain flammable materials such as wool and foam, which may cause a fire due to accidentally dropped cigarette butts. Purchasing foot pads with excellent fire resistance can not only reduce the chance of hazards caused by flammable materials, but also an effective measure to reduce the destructiveness of auto "ignition".

5. There are many types of automobile foot pads, and the quality of some low-priced foot pads is worrying. Some of them have no buckles and non-slip nails, and there are hidden safety hazards.

6. The choice of foot pads mainly depends on the price and style. Some 3D Car Floor Mat full-fit foot pads are most popular with female car owners. As for the presence of buckles and anti-slip nails, it is not the most concerned link. The ground shape of each car is different, and the types of foot pads used are also different. If not properly purchased or laid, it may cause displacement, deformation, etc. of the foot pads, thereby posing a safety hazard.

3D Car Floor Mat

3D Car Floor Mat

7. In addition, some poor-quality foot pads are prone to wear and tear after use for a period of time, and the damage may also jam the front parts of the car. It should be replaced in time.

8. Regardless of which car mat you choose, consumers should try to experience it after installation. If it is not suitable, they should change the model that matches the model as soon as possible to avoid affecting driving safety.

Don’t think that Car Floor Mat is optional. Car mat manufacturers think it is related to our driving safety, so we must choose it carefully.