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How To Choose The Right Car Mat?

Pulished on Dec. 05, 2019

Some time ago, I saw a moving picture on the Internet. A fully-enclosed foot pad appeared. After it was stepped on, the "throttle" condition appeared. If you know it, you can adjust it as soon as possible. If you don't know the situation, you may be at a loss. Accident occurred during acceleration. Therefore, there are a lot of things to pay attention to when choosing a car mat. If it is not suitable, you may lose your life. So how should I choose a car mat? All Surrounded Trunk Mat supplier will come to tell you.

First, buying the right mat is far more important than looking good

Many people buy car foot mats only by looking at the material of the foot mats. They feel soft, thick, and completely surrounded. They are comfortable and dirt-resistant when they step on them. In fact, when choosing a car mat, you must first look at the model. Choose the same brand and model. Try not to buy the full bracket. Some small brands have rough molds for the manufacturing of full brackets. It will run back and forth, and the throttle will appear.

Second, look at the material after choosing a good model

Nowadays, the Car Floor Mat has a variety of materials on the market, and the quality is also uneven. When choosing, there are many aspects to consider.

Car Floor Mat

Car Floor Mat

1.Original fluffy foot mat

Generally new car manufacturers will send an original fluffy foot mat. The original fluffy foot mats are generally cheaper. They have buckles that are fast-fitting, but there is a disadvantage. The buckles are easy to fall off over time. Check them over time. If you clean them, you must rinse them with water. If you drop the sand and dust, the water will dry for a long time. If you leave it in the car, it may have a musty smell if you open the door the next day.

2.Rubber feet

In order to avoid the disadvantages of fluffy foot mats, outside manufacturers have manufactured a kind of artificial rubber foot mats (TPE foot mats). This kind of foot mat is relatively soft, not easy to deform, and not easy to hide in the sand, but it also takes a long time. It may be cracked, and rubber-like things that are not made well can release irritating odors, formaldehyde, etc., so if you choose this, you must buy a big brand.

3. Wire loop foot mat

Silk loop foot mats are easier to handle than plush foot mats, and can hold dust and sand particles better than gel foot mats. They have a certain thickness when stepped on, which is more comfortable and will not be easily deformed. You can also buy a whole the silk carpet and cut it according to the model. However, making rough silk loop foot mats will cause the silk loop to fall, so you should still choose it when you buy it.

4.Wool feet

This kind of foot pad is very good in appearance, fineness and feel, but the main disadvantage is that it is expensive! Whether it is early purchase or later maintenance is very costly. If you are rich , you can consider pure wool.

5.3D Full Surrounded Vehicles Floor Mat

It is completely enclosed as in the original motion picture. The biggest advantage is that it can protect the surrounding interior from being dirty by kicks, and the material of the foot mats can be changed at will, but the quality of this foot pad is also the most uneven. , The price difference is very large, because his production mold is accurately matched with the original model, the low price may have a large error, and the high price may be more consistent, so you must choose this foot pad Keep your eyes open, don't be greedy for cheap and suffer a lot.

The above are the basic types of foot mats that are commonly sold in the market. Each type of foot pad has advantages and disadvantages. When buying foot mats, riders should try to choose the right one according to their needs. Buy blindly in case something happens.