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How To Choose A Cheap Seat Cover?

Pulished on Sep. 19, 2019

Nowadays, the car has become the main force of the  current transportation, entering thousands of households, almost all consumers  have to decorate the new car after they buy it, and can’t wait to take care of  it all the time. Car Seat Cover become a must-have umbrella. As the name suggests, the car seat cover  refers to the cover of the car seat, which can protect the original seat cover  to avoid wear; easy to clean, can be disassembled and cleaned at any time; the  car seat cover can play the role of cooling and collecting; personality,  beautiful To highlight your taste.

Car Seat Cover

Car Seat Cover

Car seat covers are car accessories. Car seat covers  are generally divided into universal seat covers and special car seat covers.  You can also choose Custom Car Seat Covers according to your  preferences. As the consumption of Chinese auto supplies in the aftermarket  continues to increase. Car seat covers have also become a major consumer goods  for car owners. A practical car seat cushion is particularly important. At  present, the car seat covers sold on the market mainly include pure cotton seat  covers, blended seat covers, grass and bamboo seat covers, leather seat covers,  etc. What are the characteristics of different seat covers?

1. Cotton seat cover: calm and generous, cheap and  not easy to wear

The cotton texture of the seat cover is calm and  generous, durable and not easy to wear. The most important thing is that it is  very convenient to disassemble. It is suitable for dry cleaning and washing. It  can be easily put into the washing machine. It can be cleaned at any time and  keep the interior space dry and clean.

2. Blended seat cover: affordable, easy to remove  and wash

The blended seat cover is the cheaper one in the  market seat cover. It has a cotton plus lycra or a blend of cotton plus lycra  and polyester. The blended seat cover is strong and easy to clean, but the hand  feel is rough. It does not shrink and deform after washing, and it can be used  more permanently. The blended seat cover adds to the artistry of the seat cover,  adding fine embroidery, classic plaids, elegant prints or cute cartoon styles.  Variety of styles, strong personality, suitable for most models.

3. Grass bamboo seat cover: special for summer, cool  and easy to clean

The grass and bamboo seat cover is made of grass  products and bamboo products. The car seat cover made of hard plastic is most  suitable for use in summer. It seems to be a layer of mat for the car seat,  which is more cool than other seat covers. The bamboo and bamboo seat cover is  very convenient to handle, just wipe it with a towel to clean it. Even if the  seat cover is baked hot, wipe it with cold water, it can quickly cool down and  immediately become cool.

4. Leather seat cover: noble and expensive, noble  and comfortable

To be good-looking, practical and up-to-date,  leather seat covers are the first choice. The leather seat cover is warm in  winter and cool in summer, suitable for all seasons. And sitting is also soft  and comfortable. However, the price of good imported leather is very high.  Generally, the middle and high-end cars choose leather seat covers.

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