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How To Maintain The Car Seat Cover?

Pulished on Aug. 24, 2019

Here is a professional factory who produces Professional Car Seat Cover talking about how to maintain the car seat cover.

Custom Car Seat Cover

Custom Car Seat Cover

1. Daily maintenance of Car Seat Cover should be dedicated, usually do not let sharp objects scrape or scratch the car seat cover, do not let the stains on the hands or clothes touch the car seat cover, do not let all kinds of liquid spilled into the car seat cover; often Finishing the car seat cover, avoiding the wrap of the seat cover, ensuring that the car seat cover is neat, compliant, and beautiful; after the car seat cover is accidentally dirty, it can be wiped gently with a wet towel. Do not use too much force to avoid affecting the appearance of the service; Usually pay attention to avoid the car seat cover in the car exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, may appear discoloration, so as not to affect the appearance.

2. Installation and disassembly should be careful, when installing and disassembling, do not use too much force to pull the sewing fasteners, rubber bands, ropes, etc., so as not to affect the use.

3. Be careful to clean the seat cover, the car seat cover should be prepared a few sets, replace the cleaning once every few months; before cleaning the seat cover, take care to remove small iron hooks or small accessories, so as not to damage the seat cover or washing machine; car seat cover can Dry cleaning or machine washing, but do not directly pour the cleaning agent on the sleeve; when washing the seat cover, the washing machine selects the high water level and the gentle washing method, the seat cover can be immersed in the water temperature at 30 ° C for 10 minutes and then washed; Do not mix with other clothes; after washing the seat cover, dry it naturally, do not wring it out, dry it, or heat it.

4. Stacking and storage can be assured, the washable seat cover can be stacked neatly preserved for future use; general fabric car seat cover can be replaced once every 2 years.

Maintenance of leather seat cover:

(1) Avoid hitting a seat cover with hard or sharp objects.

(2) Keep away from the heat source, the high temperature will make the cortex dry, and in severe cases, the original protective oil film will be destroyed, which will accelerate the aging of the leather and cause cracking and fading.

(3) Applying leather protectant.

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