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Car Mat Installation Skills

Pulished on Nov. 01, 2019

For the material and use of the Car Floor Mat, there is no clear law to regulate it. However, accidents that affect the brake pedal work of the car due to the displacement of the car's foot pads and improper installation have occurred from time to time. So what is the correct installation and use of car mats?

First of all, we need to know what accidents may be caused by improper installation or improper use of the car mat. The car mat is not fixed or improperly fixed. The shape of the car mat does not match the model, which causes the accelerator pedal to be pressed by the car mat during the driving process. Promptly bounce back, causing traffic accidents.

Car Floor Mat

Car Floor Mat

Why do small car mats become such a big accident? In fact, it is more caused by the improper installation and use of the owner. Since these accidents can be avoided, why don't we spend some time checking for our cars? Here are some suggestions for use.

1. Laying multiple layers of car mats can be fatal.

In order to facilitate the cleaning, some car owners will lay a layer of rubber, PVC and other Easy to Clean Floor Mat on the fabric floor mats. According to an online survey, the possibility of shifting the car's floor mat by laying a double-layer car mat is very high. The laying of the double-layer car mat makes the upper car mat not fixed and is prone to displacement events. Because the car mats are very new, the owners are often more likely to be negligent, and the chance of accidents is greatly increased.

2. Deformed car mat should be replaced in time.

The use of car mats with a certain number of years will generally be deformed, such as four corners. The position where the car's foot pad is lifted easily catches the throttle or brake. Some unskilled owners have not replaced car mats for years, which is very dangerous! After using for a while, the owner should check whether the car mat has been deformed, and the owner of the deformed car mat should be replaced immediately.

For car-specific and fabric-based car mats, position reversal rarely occurs. However, it must be carefully identified when installing and installed in the correct way. So what is the correct installation method? Let's talk about the correct way to choose and install the car's car mat.

1. To choose the car mat that matches the model. Different models have different shapes on the driving side. In order to better fit the side profile of the model, the owner should choose a special type of car. Generally speaking, if it is a normal car, you can choose the Universal Vehicles Floor Mat.

2. Make sure that the car mat does not interfere with the use of the pedal. When laying the car mat, make sure that the car mat on the driving side does not affect the use of the throttle and brake pedal. The manual vehicle also includes the clutch.

3. Make sure the car mat is securely fastened

The new models are already equipped with car mats. When installing, be sure to fix the car mat with a fixing bolt. For older models without a car mat fixing bolt, the owner can choose to make a self-adhesive glue when installing to ensure that the car mat does not shift.


Perhaps there are not many accidents due to the displacement of the car mats, but it is too late for us to pay attention when the accident happens! As a car owner, don't buy a car mat that doesn't match your car's model. For a long time, the car mat should be replaced in time. After car washing and maintenance, you should check if the car mat has been re-fixed.