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The Cutting Method Of Car Floor Mat

Pulished on Aug. 12, 2019

Today we would like to talk with you the cutting method of Car Floor Mat.

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Car Floor Mat

Car Floor Mat

1. Imitate the original car mat cutting method

This method can only be used when the original car mat is suitable (it is better to use the original car mat to widen 1~2 cm). The original car mat is placed on the Ancheng Worth mat with a pen. Be sure to cut the original car mat and vice versa from the back so that the cut edges will be neat and tidy. At the same time, the board can be arranged in the most material-saving way to avoid waste and cost.

2. Tailored tailoring method

This method can be cut with kraft paper or newspaper and then cut according to the size of the driver's seat and the rear position, so as to ensure the best results.

①The driving position needs to pay attention to the size. If the size is not suitable, there will be gaps to cause the foot pad to shift. You need to spread the newspaper and draw it along the corner with a pen.

②After drawing the outline, cut the cardboard (the best effect is 0.5 cm wide)

③The position of the driver's car is more beautiful. It is recommended to draw the line according to the appropriate ratio when playing the board. Special attention is paid to the upper right corner. Because the angle is not the same, in order to avoid the angle is too high, the mat is curled. blank space.

④After cutting, put it in the car and compare it (this will ensure the cutting effect is more standard)

⑤The rear seat is also a place that needs to pay attention to the beauty. The foot pad cutting method of the rear seat can be divided into a joint body and a split body. The newspaper is laid in the back seat, and the line is drawn along the rear outline.

⑥Split: After the board is laid, draw the pattern with a brush after the back of the mat is arranged according to the minimum amount of materials used.

7-piece: Stick the 3 pieces of cardboard in the back row and connect them together. Then put the back panel on the mat and draw the pattern with the brush according to the template.

Note: It should be noted here that because the front panel is played when the board is played, it is necessary to flip the board and draw the outline with the brush to avoid unnecessary loss.

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